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If you want to lower your initial material costs regarding the production of plastic parts, you have found the right place.



We are a Czech company focused on the production of plastic regrinds and granules. We obtain the input materials for our manufacturing line only in cooperation with selected companies that either process only primary plastics or are renowned makers of plastic parts.

The acquired materials, after careful sorting and removal of unwanted admixtures, are then reprocessed into plastic grits or regrinds which are subsequently compounded or used directly for new products in plastic moulding plants.

All input materials only come from such manufacturing operations, where professional grading, high purity and careful marking (eliminating undesirable mix-up) is ensured.

Our company is authorized to operate a plant for collection, purchase and use of waste materials in accordance with § 14, Subsection 1 of the Waste Act.


Plastic grits

The crushed plastics, specially processed by our company into fractions of 6-8 mm for application in plastic moulding plants, are free of dust and of other contaminants (e. g., metals, stickers, labels etc.). By using our high quality crushed plastics you will considerably lower your initial material costs (whereas the quality and processability of our products is significantly higher than that of the common crushed plastics you are acquainted with ‒ just try our free test sample).

Services ‒ reprocessing of scrap plastics from your production line

  • Crushing (scrap plastics, parts, agglomerates etc.)
  • Regranulation
  • Demetallization
  • Homogenization

We will be also pleased to resize your own plastic materials into the needed fraction and deliver the high-quality crushed plastics free from any contamination back to you.

Send us a sample of your scrap plastics (inputs, parts, grits etc.) and we will provide you with a price quotation including the adequate regrind sample for testing (50 to 1000 kg). We granulate all types of polyolefins and technical plastics. The materials are homogenized and packed according to our customer's needs.

Free sample

We will provide you with a sample of our grits for free testing. Please, have a look at  our stock of processed materials: https://www.regranulaty.cz/en-31-material-in-stock.html

It is worth trying the co-operation with our company!


Polystyren regranulát Polypropylen černý Polystyren Polyethylen


  • We offer plastic regranulates

    25.01.2019We offer plastic regranulates of PA 6, PA66, PP, LDPE, HDPE, PP EPDM, PP T, PP GF30, ABS, PC/ABS, 
    . If you are interested, please send me your request on email adress: jiri.kadlecek@regranulaty.cz or info@regranulaty.cz
  • PP Regranulate

    26.06.2017PP black regranulate, MFI 12-16 PP natur regranulate, MFI 10-12
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