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Device for control of plastics quality

Sample mounting press TVL is a unique mini test press used for rapid and inexpensive visual detection of unwanted contaminants in purchased or processed plastic regrinds and granules, crushed plastics, plastic crumbs etc.

The equipment consists of three modules:

  1. Module number one is equipped with a touch screen display, so that the required temperature (within the range from 0 to 400 °C) can be easily set. The internal sensors automatically maintain the temperature at the set value.
  2. Module number two has an integrated press unit (capable of exerting pressure of up to 10 bar) consisting of two heated (smoothly ground) steel plates. After achieving the required temperature (set on the module number one display), the tested material is poured between the hot pressing plates. By rotating the press wheel the tested material is pressed into a thin disk (whose thickness is 0.5 mm ± 0.1 mm). That is why the sample produced in this way is sometimes aptly called “a pancake”.
  3. Module number three also consists of two smoothly ground plates. However, in this module they are equipped with a cooling circuit. After passing through the press of the module number two, the plastic pancake is inserted between these cooling steel plates, where the plastic sample is quickly cooled down by circulating water. The internal threads allow an external water circuit to be connected to the module number three.

All three modules are independent and therefore it is possible to purchase only e. g. the number one and two modules (without the number three, for cooling). However, in the absence of the number three module, the time needed for cooling the plastic sample considerably increases.

The sample mounting press TVL is a very interesting alternative to the expensive melt point testers. Especially small and medium-sized companies often cannot afford to buy such costly testing equipment. However, processing of uninspected plastics or dealing with such materials may harm expensive machine equipment, damage the company's reputation and cause serious financial losses.

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