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Gravity free fall metal detector and separator PDK for the plastic and recycling industries

Cost-effective free-fall metal detector PDK is used for the detection and separation of undesirable magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles in free falling bulk materials without the need to interrupt the operation or material flow.

The material falls through a detection head with highly sensitive electromagnetic coils, whose signals are transmitted to the microprocessor control unit. If a metal object exceeding the pre-set sensitivity values is detected, the control unit activates a pneumatic ejector flap. The flap redirects a small quantity of the material containing the detected contaminant into a waste outlet (and then the flap returns to its original position). The period, for which the separation flap is diverting the flow of material into the waste outlet, can be pre-set by the user

Features include:

  • Robust design
  • Various connecting dimensions (from 60 to 200 mm)
  • Low installation height
  • Easy operating
  • Detection sensitivity adjustable according to individual requirements
  • Effortless installation (thanks to universal flanges)
  • Protection against electrosmog
  • Attractive unique design
  • Considerable resistance to wear and tear

The gravity fed metal detector PDK offers a modular and very broad application spectrum, guarantees long, failure-free and almost maintenance-free operation, protects the user against warranty claims and prevents production stoppages.

The free-fall metal detector PDK is used mainly in the area of the plastic and recycling industries.

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