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Business conditions

Here you can find basic business conditions, informations and goals of our company:

  1. All orders are covered according to our actual warehouse stock.
  2. Our aim is first of all satisfied customer who always returns on the grounds of good quality and high flexibility by covering individual orders. 
  3. After the warehouse stock quantity has been agreed we keep the the exact term of delivery provided by customer.
  4. In case of regranulates, granulates and regrinds we provide samples to prove the quality declared by our company.
  5. In case of interest we arrange the delivery of the goods to our customer.
  6. We are able to supply various amounts of material from 25 kgs up to full truckload.
  7. Original goods are delivered only in original and undamaged package.
  8. Regranulates and regrinds are supplied in big bags and octabins, after agreement also in other type of packaging.
  9. Terms of payment are always according to agreement.
  10. We also buy excess original materials from production.
  11. For production of our regranulates only plastic scrap bought in Czech Republic is used.
  • We offer plastic regranulates

    25.01.2019We offer plastic regranulates of PA 6, PA66, PP, LDPE, HDPE, PP EPDM, PP T, PP GF30, ABS, PC/ABS, 
    . If you are interested, please send me your request on email adress: jiri.kadlecek@regranulaty.cz or info@regranulaty.cz
  • PP Regranulate

    26.06.2017PP black regranulate, MFI 12-16 PP natur regranulate, MFI 10-12
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