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Magnetic filters


„As a company engaged in plastic recycling we axactly know where and from what reasons metal particles in recycled plastic materials  may occur.

We can identify the causes of presence of metal contaminants in your recycled plastics and find an effective solution of your problem.

Apart from standard types of magnetic separators we also produce custom-made  magnetic separators  for special applications.

There is also no situation for us, which cannot be solved.“


Magnetic separators/filter are used to separate feromagnetic particles contained in plastic regranulates and regrinds. Thanks to the application of magnetic separators your inject moulding machine mechanisms will be perfectly protected (the penetration of steel particles into the helical and inject mechanism will be avoided).

Thanks to fitting our separators with very strong NdFeB neodymium magnets they are able to separate even the smallest steel microparticles. Another advantage is that steel particles catched are not pulled down with the stream of  material. This occures when weaker black ferrite magnets are used for separation. Sometimes inject moulding machines producers standardly fit their machines with these weak magnets.

Special telescopic construction of our magnetic separators enables very easy and quick cleaning of the magnetic separator.

We are offering you following types of magnetic separators for plastic processing:



From our product portofolio we choose the following:

  • We offer plastic regranulates

    25.01.2019We offer plastic regranulates of PA 6, PA66, PP, LDPE, HDPE, PP EPDM, PP T, PP GF30, ABS, PC/ABS, 
    . If you are interested, please send me your request on email adress: jiri.kadlecek@regranulaty.cz or info@regranulaty.cz
  • PP Regranulate

    26.06.2017PP black regranulate, MFI 12-16 PP natur regranulate, MFI 10-12
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